Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hoping to raise tons of money to help Mike Raymond and his family with medical expenses and loss of wages after a major heart attack.

All, As most of you know Mike had a major heart attack on Wednesday, March 20th. After over a week of hectic and very stressful days for his family, his recovery in the ICU has been slow but he continues to make progress every day. As you can guess he has a lot of recovery time ahead of him. Thank you to all the medical staff who have provided him with such excellent medical care and the kindness and compassion to his family. Myself and several others here at Vision Airlines consider him a family member and therefore want to help. I figured this was the best way for people to give so if you are able to help out, even though it may be just a little, anything will be greatly appreciated. Please help us meet or even exceed the $10,000 goal. Mike we all love you and wish you a speedy recovery and can't wait to have you back. 

Medical Fundraising Made Simple