Thursday, July 26, 2012

My brother in law, Jashua Dean Barnett, October 25th 1985, was killed on November 25th 2011. He was driving down 3rd street on his Harley Davidson when a lady in a blazer turned in front of him. when she struck the bike he went flying and hit a building. he was rushed to Indianapolis to Methodist Hospital. Where we found out he had a lot of problems. He had shattered bones, broken wrist, and the worst, two rips in his Aorta. He passed away at 11:54 November 25th. He was a father of a little girl, Kendalle 3 and little boy, Jamison 1, an uncle, a brother, a son. He is loved and will be missed by many.
We set up a donations page for him at we pay if you would be interested in donating. His mom and brother would really appreciate it!

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