Monday, September 10, 2012

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UPDATE- This deal is also working with the jeans!
Here's a great way to snag a $5 MoneyMaker on a free pair of shoes, purse or jeans after rebate.
Just Fab is offering up a 50% discount on any pair of shoes or purse for new customers making any style you select only $19.95. They also include free shipping.
At checkout you have the option to select a free magazine subscription that can be used as a $25 cash mail-in rebate instead. 
Select "Entertainment Weekly" so you'll get a $25 cash rebate on your $19.95 purchase! When you click "view details" you'll see this rebate form.
Once you receive your cash reabte you'll end up with a free pair of shoes or purse and $5!
Keep in mind this is a monthly subscription so you'll want to go online and cancel as soon as your order ships.
There are a ton of options so we'd love to hear what you snag.

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