Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do you remember me telling you about ThredUP? Well I just got all of my clothes! I got $82 in stuff and I payed .60 !! Yes 60 cents! Here's what I got! 

 The jeans were priced at $98 Really for 12-19 months jeans $100! Wow I don't buy my jeans for that much! That is a Harley Davidson Onesie, Levi shorts, Levi Jeans and Tony Hawk shorts.

These are my older sons clothes. Two brand new pairs of shorts for next year and ALL of the jeans were like brand new! I am so happy with
the stuff I got! He also loves the glow in the dark Buzz Lightyear shirt! My son has TOO many clothes but he loves them!!

I had to take a picture of the jeans he picked out! They were also brand new with tags and have a white belt with a skull and guitar bones! They look so cute on him! When I said Turn around and let me take a picture of your butt he looked at me like really mom? The shoes he has on are also brand new! They were very hard to put on him but they are so cute! I am very very pleased with the quality of ThredUP's clothes and very happy with the customer service! I did send in some very nice clothes too but they didn't really accept anything. I sent in alot of nice clothing including like 10 shirts and 15 pairs of jeans and they only accepted 3 shirts! And they don't send anything back.. But I did get all of this for only .60 so I guess it's okay. If you would be interested in getting $10 for FREE to start out with head over here to ThredUP and try it out! And when you tell your friends to sign up you will give them $10 and get $10 when they order something! That's how you get it all FREE! Plus they usually have a 20% off coupon you can use too! SMART20 was a 20% off coupon! So hurry and head on over to ThredUP here and check it out! They get new thing throughout the day so you can wait to use it until you find something you really want!!

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  1. I haven't heard of this place. Will have to go check it out! Thanks for sharing!