Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well BzzAgent is another GREAT place to sign up for! I got the opportunity to try out the new Glade Expressions! If you haven't heard of these they are GREAT! i love love love the Oil.. My favorite scent is the pineapple! I love how it smells! it also lasts FOREVER! they are super cute and not bulky! it goes with ANY living room! i have a 2 story house, 4 bedrooms, large living room and kitcten and it freshens my whole house!!! now the mist... i dont like it that much! yes it does smell GREAT but i personally think it costs too much! i can get the other regular kind MUCH cheaper and i think it lasts longer! I do like the sprayer though it is much easier! and my 4 year old can never seem to get it to work which is GREAT! he loves to spray the house! If you aren't a member of BzzAgent you can sign up for FREE! It is a great place to try out new things for free and your input helps get things better!

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  1. I got this one too and i really love the oil as well i put it in the front end of my house but you can smell it all the way to the back end