Friday, August 17, 2012

I got to review a Soda Stream! I was SO excited that they chose me! Here's what I got..

I ran to the store to get milk and happened to buy some Coca Cola. My husband looks at me and says why did you buy pop when we have some. My first responce was no we don't. He looked at his cup then the soda stream! I started laughing! I totally forgot! So while I was gone he made Root Beer. He wouldn't let me take any pictures of him :( So it was my turn! I have to say it is VERY FUN and EASY! All you do is put the container of CO2 in the back. Add very cold water to the bottle and twist it into the machine.

You push the button 3 times until it makes a loud noise. Thats it! Then you have to try to decide what flavor you want. With all of the different types of flavors good luck! But don't worry you can always try new ones! I decided to try the diet pink grapefruit.

Once you decide what flavor you want (this is the small sample package) you just open it up and add a capful very slowly. If you add it fast it will come out like you just shook then opened a pop.
I was so happy to get to try it! Once you pour in your flavor you just put the lid on the container and tilt it slowly. My son Aaiden got to try it first! He was so excited to get to try the pop that we just made! He was very pleased with it!

So after he got to try it I finally did! I LOVED it! I was unsure about the grapefruit flavor but it was wonderful! I def. recommend the Soda Stream to everyone! It is a great thing to have! They also have flavors you can add to your drink! I haven't tried it yet but I will continue to try all of the different flavors. So if your have the opportunity to get a Soda Stream GET IT! They are great! They also DON'T plug in! They are awesome!

I didn't get any type of compensation for a review! I really do like this Soda Stream and recommend it to anyone and everyone! It is great to have and so quick and easy!


  1. Wow the bottles are so much bigger then the Primo Flavorstation bottles I will have to try this one out & see if there is a difference between them

  2. Great review, the SodaStream is great. I love ours! -gia

  3. I love my soda stream also! The root beer is my FAV!