Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The time is here! You can now get your free 2 pack of Mam Pacifiers. I love a deal and I know you do too. FREE is a deal. Thank you Dropgifts. There is only 500 packages, so do it now. If you have friends who need these, let them in on this free deal. When the 500 packages are spoken for, the deal is over. I appreciate all you for visiting!

1. You can now visit Dropgifts 2. Log into DropGifts to claim your gift 3. Click on Use Now 4. Enter your shipping address 5. Your gift will be on it's way within 14 business days!

This isn't mandatory, but I'd love it if you left Dropgifts a thank you message below this post letting them know you appreciate them. I know I do. There are a few ladies who have had babies in our Church that I can give these to.

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